The HELIOS Strategic board is composed by one person from each funding and primary members seats.

HELIOS Strategic Board

Meeting on a quarterly basis, the strategic board will discuss and take decisions over the future of the HELIOS product and the Foundation itself. The HELIOS Foundation currently holds the following structure: 


HELIOS Operational Board

The HELIOS Operational Board is comprised of:

  •  One voting member from each primary member of the HELIOS User Group. The primary member organisation is responsible for assigning the member and their second. There is no maximum number of members.
  • One chair who may or may not be a voting member. The chair will be invited by the HELIOS Foundation directors to attend the HELIOS Foundation Board meetings.
  • Working group Chairs, who may or may not be voting members, who can be voted onto the Operational Board by the voting members. These can be from any organisation, whether members or not, but do not have additional votes.
  • Addition guests, invited on by the board, who are also non-voting. Example includes the HELIOS Project manager hired by the Foundation or secondary members


Download the legal governing document for more information about the Foundation's charitable mission and objects.