HELIOS software is a comprehensive supply chain technology solution that helps humanitarian and development organisations provide assistance to people quickly and more efficiently.

HELIOS is more than a product. It is the offshoot of a collaborative effort by the humanitarian sector to design, develop and implement the next generation of sector specific Supply Chain Management Systems and has been developed with an eye to promoting harmonisation, common standards and best practice.

One of HELIOS’ major strengths is the modular approach which allows maximum flexibility. The HELIOS modules reflect the way that organisations in this sector manage their supply chain. The implementing organisation can choose to utilise all the modules or only a select few. HELIOS also offers monitoring tools that provide users with high level of supply chain visibility.  

The core concepts of HELIOS were derived from a review of system requirements across the sector. Design and testing involved the participation of more than a dozen organisations. HELIOS has emerged directly from field practice and the information needs of programmes. HELIOS truly is a tool developed by the sector for the sector.